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Ellerhold expands with two MO-4

Ellerhold Group succeeded with expansion of adhesive label capacity through the acquisition of two Nilpeter MO-4 offset presses. Excerpt from Klemens Ehrlitzer’s Press Release, “Identische Maschinentechnik für zwei Standorte”

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With the acquisition of two Nilpeter MO-4 offset presses, installed in two locations in Glücksburg and Zirndorf, the Ellerhold Group has expanded its capacity within adhesive labels production. 

Innovative Technologies

The beginning of the Ellerhold success story dates back 30 years. In 1987, in Zirndorf near Nuremberg, Germany, Frank Ellerhold founded a printing company, which produced silkscreen printed posters. Today, Ellerhold is a pan-European Group achieving a turnover of 84 million euros in 2016 with more than 630 employees. 

As Maximilian Ellerhold explains, son of Frank Ellerhold, the history of the company, which has been operating as a public limited company since 2005, is strongly influenced by the experimentation of his father. New technology has always been an incentive for him to gain advantages and use them profitably for the benefit of the customer. One example was digital printing, which was already introduced in the company in 1993.

Labels Secure the Future

In 2006, label printing became a part of the company portfolio, and since then this market segment has been further expanded. One of the main reasons for this expansion was the impact of digitization on poster printing. In large cities, new technologies such as large-format LED screens are sometimes used instead of billboards today. In contrast, packaging and labels are not replaceable by digital media because they also have physical functions to fulfil.

Three years later, with the acquisition of Berlin-based Goetz + Müller GmbH, the label product area was expanded to include high quality finished labels, e.g. for spirits. Finally, in 2014, a third label printing company came along, when Frank Ellerhold bought the company Offset Ketels, near Glücksburg, out of insolvency. 

Investment in Offset

Ellerhold Group made the next major leap in development in 2016 by commissioning two identical Nilpeter MO-4 combination presses for the two locations in Glücksburg and Zirndorf. The focus is on the use of offset in combination with other printing processes and extensive finishing options. The presses have eight printing units, five of which are offset. All printing units may optionally be equipped with flexo or screen-printing. For high quality finishing, two FP-4 flatbed hot foil and embossing units are integrated. All common finishing techniques such as hot and cold foil, embossing, and lamination are possible.


Maximilian Ellerhold (left), Director of Production and Technology, and Christoph Kugler, Sales at Nilpeter GmbH, with the Nilpeter MO-4 in Zirndorf.

A special feature is the equipment of an inline measuring and control system from Lithec. This is the first time the system has been used on a Nilpeter press. The system ensures low waste rates, an important factor with regards to high material costs of some adhesive materials, and also supports employees during machine operations.


Lightweight print sleeves enable quick job changes on Ellerhold Group’s two Nilpeter MO-4 offset presses.

The two brothers, Stephan and Maximilian Ellerhold, who form the management board of Ellerhold AG, consider label production to be an important part of the company future. Their focus is on high quality, value-added labels, e.g. for the beverage market, especially for wine and spirits.

Unanimous Decision 

The significance of the project to the Ellerhold Group was seen in the decision-making process. Both business and production managers at the two locations, Zirndorf and Glücksburg, were involved in scrutinising the advantages and disadvantages of the three shortlisted press suppliers. The election of Nilpeter’s MO-4 was unanimous. The MO-Line offered the right overall concept for the special requirements at both locations.

The focus was mainly on important benefits such as setup and job run times. In addition, Ellerhold presented the press manufacturers with extremely complicated designs to test the printing quality. Nilpeter was able to meet all expectations. Ultimately, however, the many options within value-added inline printing made the difference for Nilpeter.

Zebra invests in FA-4*

Zebra Technologies Europe has installed an FA-4 * in the UK as it seeks to grow its supplies business. James Quirk reports

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Zebra Technologies Europe is well-known for its thermal label printers - it boasts some 7,000 resellers for these machines, whose main markets are manufacturing, transport/logistics, retail, and healthcare, and estimates to have a 40 percent market share in the EMEA region. But at its facility in Preston, UK, the company also prints its own labels - sold to users of its printers - as well as an array of products such as wristbands and tags, on a fleet of flexo presses designed and built in-house.


Zebra hosted a partner event in December to mark the installation of the FA-4*

“We want to attach more label sales to our printer sales in order to increase market share,” says Elaine Wilkinson, senior manager, supplies product marketing, at Zebra Technologies Europe. “We are growing quickly and need to produce more complex products  locally, such as wristbands, rather than import them from our sites in the US. We want to be flexible in our production. Our business is growing too quickly for us to continue manufacturing presses internally, hence the installation of the Nilpeter FA-4*.”

The water-based, 8-colour UV-press features a Tamarack insertion unit, rail system, turnbar, reverse printing units, relam./delam., and lamination. It has three die stations, including a Quick-Change die-cutting unit developed by Nilpeter in cooperation with Kocher+Beck, which allows a die to be changed in just 10 seconds. A 100 percent inspection system will shortly be added.

Read full story in L&L, issue 5, 2017

Nilpeter and Label Systems partner for success with The All New FA

Label Systems, Inc., located in the Dallas suburb of Addison, Texas, has earned a solid reputation for providing high quality label products with innovative solutions and good old-fashioned customer service, through nearly 45 years of business. 

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The addition of The All New FA from Nilpeter will jump start their journey into the next 45 years of business.

Label Systems, Inc. started from humble beginnings in a family garage, with the vision of providing customers with custom branded solutions for their label needs. Today, they are proud to have successfully served over 5,000 satisfied customers worldwide across more than 25 industries.

“We work with some very large brand owners that require the highest quality packaging delivered on time and on budget. When we discussed the new market trends and opportunities, the team at Nilpeter shared a wealth of information and knowledge. The level of innovation and automation in their equipment, along with their skilled team, will provide us with the tools to be a leader in this industry. Those are the types of qualities we look for in a partner and the new FA press will be a powerful addition to our line-up,” says Amy Van Brunt, President & Owner of Label Systems, Inc.
Amy Van Brunt, President & Owner of Label Systems, Inc., is embracing new market trends with The All New FA from Nilpeter

John Van Brunt, Founder & VP of Operations, explains the decision process on the new press, “Your next press purchase is always a challenging decision. We researched many press manufacturers but in the end our previous success with Nilpeter, and the partnership we have built, solidified this decision. The level of automation providing improved make-ready times and operator efficiency make this press the perfect choice. This press will engage with our current operations and allow us to easily enter into new markets and offerings.”.

The All New FA provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates. Based on Nilpeter’s Clean-Hand design approach and wireless operation, the FA ensures clean hands during press operation, with a minimum of hands-on press interaction; all data is saved, jobs are easily recalled, and the press will auto-register.

“We are proud to continue our relationship with Label Systems, Inc. – the new FA is ideally suited for industry 4.0 operations and performance, marking a new journey and a bright future for Amy, John, and their team,” says Paul Teachout, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Nilpeter USA.

Phipps Label Co. invests in The All New FA

“We were looking to continue our growth pattern which required us to increase our capacity and efficiency, and provide more flexibility in our product offerings". 

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Phipps Label Company was founded by Greg Phipps in the spring of 1990. A long-time veteran of the label printing industry and a hands-on guy, Greg wanted more control of the quality of the labels he was delivering. Hard-working employees and loyal customers have been the key to growing the business into its current 35,000-square-foot facility that houses six high-performance presses, versatile finishing equipment and the latest in digital printing technology. The new FA will be a welcome addition.

Phipps Label_story

Greg Phipps of Phipps Label Co, and Bob Loescher of Nilpeter, standing by the all new FA on the assembly line at Nilpeter USA in Cincinnati, OH.

“We were looking to continue our growth pattern which required us to increase our capacity and efficiency, and provide more flexibility in our product offerings. After we saw the new FA perform for the first time, we knew exactly what we needed to do,” says Greg Phipps, Owner and President, Phipps Label Co. ”Right from the start of the Nilpeter factory tour, we could see how this press was different. With the automated machining centres producing one-piece steel modules all at once, this press is just built different, and it shows. The level of performance and efficiency is exactly what we were looking for. The FA’s make-ready times are reduced so much through the job save and recall functions and the one piece inking system provides the absolute fastest setup times. This press will change the way we can deliver to our customers and keep us one step ahead of their needs,” Greg Phipps concludes.

The All New FA is Nilpeter’s latest offering from the FA-Line. Providing clean-hand operations through wireless controls and the most sophisticated Industry 4.0 automated setup. The new FA is a next generation platform meeting the ever-growing needs of the modern press operator – offered in multiple levels of automation and production requirements. The FA is tailored to meet the printer’s exact needs for today and can be enhanced later on with add-on Application and Automation Packages.

Hybrid flexo/InkJet printing will bring best of both worlds to packaging

As digital printing continues to expand its presence in the packaging industry, printers and converters are finding ways to creatively implement the benefits of digital along with the advantages of conventional technologies.

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In the label segment, hybrid printing, which often combines inkjet and flexographic technologies, has emerged as a solution to provide the best of both worlds into a single-pass process.

During the third annual Digital Packaging Summit, hosted by Printing Impressions sister publication, packagePRINTING, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, a panel of suppliers that have launched products and solutions in the hybrid print space discussed the impact the technology will have in packaging.

Panel member Keith Nagle, Digital Product Manager for Nilpeter USA,  explained the importance of suppliers being proactive in educating customers on how to extract the most value from a hybrid press.

“We bring the customers in and show them the platform and all of the tools that we’re going to build for them and for them to offer to the marketplace,” he said. “Everything from how the workflow works, how to make it simpler for them and how to take it out and market it regionally. Then, they can branch out from there.”

Read full story on Printing Impressions:

Nilpeter’s Paul Teachout wins TLMI Supplier of the Year 2017

Nilpeter is proud to announce that Paul Teachout, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Nilpeter USA Inc., has been named TLMI’s 2017 Supplier of the Year at The TLMI Annual Meeting held October 8 – October 11, at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Gainey Ranch Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Presentation Speech – Lisa Milburn
Lisa Milburn, Managing Director Labels Division, Tarsus Group gave the presentation speech, and emphasized Paul’s tireless work with TLMI and other industry organisations, as well as his efforts in workforce development, sharing his knowledge with the next generation of label and packaging printers.

”The recipient of this year’s Supplier of the Year Award has over 35 years of industry leadership experience... (He) has been active with many educational activities and is sat on several committees, including the TLMI Awards Committee since 1998...the Technical and Marketing Committees, and is a frequent speaker at converter meetings, including Print Think, and the annual awards.”

”He is regarded as a thought leader in the industry, having authored numerous technical papers and whitepapers for many publications. He is frequently called upon by other suppliers to offer industry insight.”

”A passion of his has been supporting continuous efforts to drive workforce developments, and for the past 10 years he has worked with high school and college students through the Phoenix Challenge Foundation - High School Competition. The recipient also sits on the advisory board of the Central Piedmont Community College’s Harper Campus where his son is currently studying Graphic Communications. He was a key driver behind the (Nilpeter) donation of a new press at Clemson University, and was awarded the Clemson University Top Cat Award in 2017 for years of support to the Graphics Communications Program.”

Paul Teachout_story

Acceptance Speech – Paul Teachout
Paul Teachout was thrilled to accept the award, offering thanks to his many colleagues and friends in the industry he so loves.

”Thank you very very much. A few weeks ago when Craig (Moreland, TLMI Chairman) called me and left me a message, I said ”Oh boy, I’m going to sell a press today” and then when I called him back the first thing he said was ”I don’t want to buy a press, this is a TLMI thing”. I thought I had him there for a second.”

”Thank you, Lisa. There’s no better people than you and Tasha (Ventimiglia, Labelexpo Event Director) to give this to me. Thank you to Craig and Dan (Muenzer, TLMI President) for the opportunity to continue to participate and engage in this wonderful organization. It’s a privilege. Thank you to all the suppliers and converter members, it’s been a privilege to do this since 1998. I’ve met so many wonderful people, including Steve Lee, Frank Sablone, Pat Hague, Robert Smithson, and so many others. I think I’ve had an opportunity to work with so many of you in this room, and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have the privilege and the opportunity to do so. So thank you to everybody in this room for allowing me to contribute and participate and engage with your activities as well.”

”As (Lisa) mentioned my father got me started in this a long time ago, and I remember – perhaps the most important thing that ever happened to me, was back when I was an apprentice on an offset press. I’m running a job, he came and looked at it, and he looked at the register and asked, ”What is that?” - I said, ”it’s good enough”, and the look that he gave me that day changed my life. He said son, ”if you think good enough is good enough, you’re never going to overachieve,” and from that day forward I’ve done everything I can to be better than just good enough.”

”I have three beautiful children and a beautiful wife. I’m a proud husband and father for the last 25 years, and I couldn’t have done it without “Ms. America”. Thank you so much. In closing, this organisation has been the best thing that’s ever happened in my career, the people and the organisation itself, just outstanding. Continue to contribute, and engage, and volunteer, and participate – you will not be disappointed. So thank you very much, enjoy the rest of the evening.”

Congratulations Paul, from everyone at Nilpeter. We are proud to have you as a member of our family.

About The TLMI Annual Meeting
The TLMI Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity for converter and supplier members to interact in a relaxed environment, conducive to establishing new partnerships and to strengthening existing relationships. The two-day event helps members stay up to date and inspired with informative educational programming and enlightening guest speakers, all addressing pillars of the TLMI strategic plan, including workforce development, external affairs, sustainability, and communication. TLMI members also enjoy tours, sports outings, and the Awards Dinner and Reception honoring the TLMI Label Awards Competition winners, Environmental Awards recipients, the Supplier of the Year, and the Converter of the Year. The 2018 Annual Meeting will be held October 14 – October 17, 2018 at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, in Florida, USA.

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“LabelExpo Europe was great. We especially enjoyed the first three days –the Nilpeter stand was packed, we saw a lot of interest in our new product offerings, closed some big deals, and picked up a lot of interesting leads. Our main takeaway is that the industry is in full ”investment mode”, which provides us with a lot of opportunities, and we are very excited for the future. Going forward, we think the usual Tuesday - Friday event is more beneficial with regards to logistics,” says Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director, Nilpeter A/S.”


Paul Teachout, VP of Sales & Marketing, Nilpeter USA, presented the Nilpeter presses to the visitors five times per day.


The Nilpeter stand was packed with visitors from all around the world.

Sai Com Codes orders three Nilpeter presses
Indian label printer Sai Com Codes has ordered three Nilpeter FB presses, with one 8-color and two 10-color presses ordered at Labelexpo Europe 2017.
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All three oppresses come with full UV, chill drums, cold foil, delam, relam and turnbar. Two will be installed in Sonepat in November 2017 and February 2018, while the third will be shipped to the company’s new plant in Guwahati in December 2017.

The company made a double Nilpeter investment at Labelexpo India 2016. After these installations, Sai Com Codes will have a fleet of eight Nilpeter presses to cater to the label industry. Harish Gupta, managing director at Sai Com Codes, said: ‘We opted for Nilpeter presses again for ease of operation and good service by the team.’

Manish Kapoor, country manager for sales at Nilepter India, said: ‘Sai Com Codes is one of Nilpeter’s biggest customers in India and we are very pleased with the company’s growth.’

Read full story on

Lerchmüller invests in stand-alone PANORAMA
Swiss label printer Lerchmüller has invested in a 5-colour variable data stand-alone PANORAMA to upgrade old equipment, decrease delivery times, and increase business in new markets for variable data and other personalization
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From their facilities in Schinznach-Dorf, approximately 30 minutes outside Zürich, Lerchmüller provides a wide variety of high-quality label products, direct mailings, cards, and forms. Their new PANORAMA serves as a replacement for an existing offset press, and the prospect of no click charges, the promising future of InkJet printing, and stable consistent printing quality were deciding factors in the decision-making process.

“After a lengthy decision-making process, we have come to the conclusion that the printing quality of the Nilpeter DP-3 PANORAMA is best suited to the high requirements of our customers. Thanks to the extended colour space in the VIVID color mode and the high-resolution screening process, the DP-3 PANORAMA guarantees an outstanding yet extremely natural colour depth - comparable to HD Flexo quality. The fact that we can also rely on Nilpeter's many years of experience as a label press manufacturer in the introduction of the new technology, has made the investment decision easier for us”, states Mr. Dörig, CEO Lerchmüller.


From left to right; Lerchmüller Production Manager Boris Wyrsch, General Manager Rolf Dörig, and General Manager Patrick Lerchmüller.

Finally, the local support from Andreas Höfner and the team at Nilpeter GmbH tipped the scale and convinced Lerchmüller to choose the PANORAMA as their first Nilpeter press since acquiring a Nilpeter B-280 letterpress years ago.

“We are very happy to see the first PANORAMA installed in Switzerland, especially with a quality-conscious converter such as Lerchmüller, who seeks to catch up with the latest technology”, Andreas Höfner, Managing Director at Nilpeter GmbH, explained.

Paperdrive opts for future flexibility
Paperdrive, located in Georgensgmünd, Germany has quickly established itself as a full service provider for their customers, having started out as a pure labels trading company.
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Nilpeter joined the company as a partner at the very beginning, and most recently installed a Nilpeter FA-4* flexo press.

Already on their 5th anniversary (in 2013) Paperdrive invested in a Prati Vega Plus 450. Shortly thereafter, CEO Friedrich Schuhmann realised that the old production and administration facilities were no longer sufficient, and in 2015 the company moved to the new industrial area, Georgensgmünd. Together with his son Oliver, his daughter Marina, and the skilled Paperdrive team, Friedrich Schuhmann had taken the next step towards growing the company.

Paperdrive expanded toa total of 3,800 m2 and invested in new technology. When the company was comparing technical data and performance possibilities of machines from various manufacturers, Nilpeter GmbH from Minden came into play. The original plans allowed for expansion of the existing plant with the installation of another rotary flexo printing press with a web-width of 370 mm. The fact that Nilpeter’s FA-4* with the web width of 420 mm was installed at the conclusion of Friedrich Schuhmann search is due to a number or reasons, one being that this web width allows for larger flexibility with future jobs. Furthermore, the design of the printing units in the FA-4* provides a very short web path in the machine, which is very noticeable when it comes to setup times and waste.

In addition, the family together with Peter Lehmeier, Technical Manager at Paperdrive, decided to invest in another Prati packaging machine. As one of the first companies in Southern Germany, Paperdrive has acquired the newest model of the Saturn to complement their Nilpeter FA-4*, this in a web width of 450 mm. The machine is equipped with a fully automatic “fast cut” knife system, a dual turret, and other automation features.


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