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AWA International Sleeve Label Conference & Exhibit 2018
AWA International Sleeve Label Conference and Exhibition 2018 is the 12th in the series of dedicated conference platforms addressing this unique method of product labeling and decoration.
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The conference will provide delegates with a review of the global and regional markets by materials and end uses. The program will feature presentations designed to update delegates on material and equipment developments, sustainability and environmental impact and many more topics that all factor into future growth potential for this exciting labeling format. Presented at the conference will be the winners of the 2018 AWA Sleeve Label Awards.Paul Teachout, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Nilpeter USA Inc. will be speaking and having a table top at AWA Sleeve Conference.

Paul Teachout has over 30 years of combined market experience and has been involved with the FTA for 25+ years. Teachout brought extensive industry knowledge to the Nilpeter team. Teachout have a complete oversight of the strategic direction, expansion, and operation of all North American sales and marketing activities.

Nilpeter at LabelExpo Southeast Asia 2018
Nilpeter Asia Pacific will make a “grand entrance” at the first edition of LabelExpo Southeast Asia in Bangkok. At the stand, Nilpeter will showcase and demonstrate the All New FA printing press. 
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The new FA is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern press operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls.

The FA provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates. Based on Nilpeter’s Clean-Hand design approach, the FA ensures clean hands during press operation, with a minimum of hands-on press interaction; all data is saved, jobs are easily recalled, and the press will auto register.

In addition, we will display a variety of equipment from our world-class strategic partners represented in the region: Trojan Label (digital presses), Lundbergtech (waste management systems), Pamarco (anilox rollers), Grafotronic (slitter/rewinders), and many more.

Nilpeter has recently opened its Technology Center in Bangkok and re-located close to Suvarnabhumi Airport. The Technology Center houses a new FA-Line as well as its partner equipment from Trojan Label, Pamarco, Grafotronic, Alphasonics, and more. ‘With its partners, Nilpeter can offer custom tailored advice to its customers,’ says Erik Blankenstein, Sales Director at Nilpeter Asia Pacific.

Nilpeter has a team of technical engineers, electricians, and printers based in Thailand and locally in Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, China, and Australia for installation, training and after sales service of Nilpeter products as well as all strategic partner equipment and supplies.

We welcome you all on May 10 -12 at stand no. D33 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

New Nilpeter FA-4* gives Studio that special edge!
Another plus that Studio Labels is very happy with, is the reduction in waste. “One of the major advantages we have seen since the FA-4* has been installed, is the foil saving we have been able to achieve,” said Timm. “With one job we were able to save $700 in the foil alone.”
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Roger Coles of Labels Plus reports

Australia has had a reputation of being successful as a nation and “living off the sheep’s back”, but the more you read about the fast-growing export figures for our wine industry, it may be a claim of Australia “succeeding on the crush of a grape”. From the 2,468 wineries across the country, Australian wine makers are selling the best of Australia’s vintage to the world. The most notable export market has been China with sales in 2016 rising to $A520 million, and a huge difference to that of a decade ago, when sales were just $A27 million.

Wine exports means more bottles and more labels and one of the most prominent of the breed of high-end label printers in Adelaide - one of Australia’s biggest wine producing states – is Studio Labels Adelaide. Managing Director of the highly-respected printer is Mr Miguel Alemao who explained that the company started back 2006 with different shareholders. “Our group, Cork Supply, bought into Studio Labels in 2007 and finalised the purchase in 2007. The logic back then when we acquired Studio, was not to be the largest label printer in Adelaide, but to be a recognised high quality printer, who could respond to our client’s needs as quickly and efficiently as possible,” he explained. “Our business is service driven and our aim is to be counted in the top three quality label printers in Australia.

Our production is about 95% labels for the wine industry, and when you combine labels with our ability to supply all types of closures and other packaging parts of the bottling industry, it becomes a perfect fit. We offer our clients a full service at the bottling line.

It is because of this constant drive to offer clients a better, faster, and more efficient product, that Miguel and Manufacturing Manager Timm Bradshaw saw the need for a new press that could meet the changing demands of Australian wine producers. “Our decision to upgrade was three-fold,” said Miguel. “While the presses we have been using have been very good, due to the race of new technology which has occurred in the flexo industry, they didn’t give us the latest innovations. Efficiency was one consideration, the second demand was more capacity, so we could respond quicker to customer demand. The third, was whether there was an opportunity to add something different that we couldn’t supply with our current presses.

“So after an exhaustive review of what was available in the market, we came down on the Nilpeter FA-4*. It offered us everything plus flat-bed in-line embossing and foiling, and is able to offer the kind of solutions which are generally only available in digital systems.”

Being at the coal face of production, meant Timm was keen to have a press that is easy to load, offers quick change over of aniloxes and print cylinders, and he said the Nilpeter FP-4* was certainly delivering this and in half the time of the previous machine. “We have a die in the machine and another die mounted next to it, and it is a simple task of opening the gate pushing out the die you don’t require, opening the other gate and pushing in the die you need. It’s around 15 seconds compared to say 4-5 minutes on our previous machine.”

Another feature of the new Nilpeter is the dot gain, as Timm explained. “We had the need to move one particular job from our previous press to the new Nilpeter, and we found the new Nilpeter’s dot gain was something like a third more of the older press. The label was so sharp it was like going to 200 line offset. So we not only printed a job that was 200 line on the old press, but by adjusting the file from the client in repro, we matched 200 line offset print. We didn’t expect the dot gain but how good it is, has been a pleasant revelation.”

Another plus that Studio Labels is very happy with, is the reduction in waste. “One of the major advantages we have seen since the FA-4* has been installed, is the foil saving we have been able to achieve,” said Timm. “With one job we were able to save $700 in the foil alone.”

Miguel said the trend they’ve witnessed over the past 3-4 years, like a lot of others, is the continual drift towards smaller runs with multiple changes. “Again, this move is met with technology. We’ve been able to trim make-ready time. Designers are changing their designs a lot more frequently, which means tooling costs and the cost of changing a brand has to be also looked at from the printing point of view. So, having the new tooling as a flat bed system, means we can now offer solutions to our clients, which could save them up to $2,000. This is a trend that won’t stop, so having the ability to assist customers achieve marketing plans, without a huge outlay is a real bonus.”

Labels Plus” asked Timm what had really impressed him with the new Nilpeter. His quick response was the dot gain, plus the new opportunities the flat-bed process gave them. “To date, we have only scratched the surface on what we will be able to do with it, and I am amazed at the quality that is coming off the flat bed, but the dot gain is the stand-out feature for me.”

And the future for Studio Labels was given to Miguel to comment. “We still have a learning curve and we need to adjust our processes to meet the faster production. It’s certainly our intention to make the most out of it in 2018 and beyond. We have some older machines and have a 5-year plan to replace machines that are coming to the end of their life-span. The Nilpeter FA-4* is the first plank of that plan and it’s obvious to us it’s the start to exciting times ahead.” 

Sanfaustino Label invests in Nilpeter MO-4
Due to expansion, Sanfaustino Label has acquired an MO-4 offset press in order to add capacity and thereby sustain its growth.
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Sanfaustino Label invests in Nilpeter MO-4 for production of superior, value-adding labels in Brescia

As part of the Italian Gruppo Sanfaustino, specialized in products and services related to the label and packaging sector. Sanfaustino Label has been providing solutions within the Wine & Spirits, Food Industry and Personal Care for over thirty years. The father of the five Frigoli brothers, who manage the company today, founded the company in 1957. Since 1999, Poligrafica San Faustino SPA is a Milan-listed company with an annual Group turnover of approx. 50M Euros.

Installation of the Nilpeter MO-4 in Brescia

The new MO-4 will be installed in a completely renovated, ultra-modern plant, which meets the BRC standards. “We have experienced a steady flow of new as well as recurring customers, which is the primary reason for this investment”, explains the CEO. “We believe the key to our success is customer satisfaction  - and we achieve this by being flexible and provide great customer service”.

Recently reaching 100 worldwide installations, the MO-4 has also been named “The Winemaker’s Choice”. “The MO-Line is a perfect match for us”, R&D Manager Giovanni Brescianini says. “We always take an innovative approach – and this offset press is indeed innovative when it comes to flexibility and efficiency to handle higher volumes and complex labels”.

Sanfaustino Label produces pressure-sensitive labels in 5 production plants in North and Central Italy. Each plant has its own specialisation. The headquarter is located in Brescia. This is where everything - from pre-press to planning, production, and quality control - is managed and monitored.

MO4_story_Sanfaustino Label_Nilpeter_MO4_offset

The Nilpeter MO-Line will be installed and the Sanfaustino Label site in Brescia, Italy.

Nilpeter at Label Summit 2018
Label Summit Latin America is an event dedicated to the label and package printing industry. This exhibition is all about networking, learning about label printers, and the changes that the label industry is facing.
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Please stop by our stand #30 to discuss the latest within advanced flexo and hybrid solutions and the benefits of the various printing technologies offered by Nilpeter.

Label Summit Latin America 2018 brings new opportunities to improve your technical skills and market knowledge in this fast growing sector. Attend two days of expert-led conference sessions, view the latest technology from leading manufacturers at the table-top exhibition and network with hundreds of leading industry figures.

The Latin printers will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in label and package printing production from sector specialists at Label Summit Latin America 2018, which is set to be held 24 – 25 April at Expo Guadalajara.

Read more about the event at:

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Venga a visitarnos al stand No. 30, durante la próxima Label Summit en Guadalajara (Mexicó) durante los días 24 y 25 de Abril!

Label Summit Latino América es un evento dedicado a la Industria del empaque y etiqueta. Está cumbre es el espacio donde podrá aprender de la experiencia de otros impresores, generar nuevas relaciones de negocio y enterarse de los cambios que hoy en día enfrenta nuestra Industria.

Los impresores Latinos tendrán la oportunidad de conocer las nuevas tendencias en la producción de empaques y etiquetas, así como entrar en dialogo directo con los especialistas de la Industria. El evento será realizado en Expo Guadalajara

Lea más acerca de esté evento en:

Advanced Labels of Durban adds The All New FA to existing press line-up
With The All New FA, Advanced Labels’ fourth Nilpeter flexo press, the company aims to add capacity in the highly competitive self-adhesive market, and insource production of yoghurt lids and in-mould labels
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The Durban-based labelling company purchased their first Nilpeter FB-2500 seven years ago, and has since added another two of the same model. This is their first FA flexo press. “From the start, we’ve had a very good relationship with Nilpeter. We’re always given the best advice, and they are very good at keeping us up-to-speed with the latest technology. The Nilpeter presses and our team in South Africa is a great combination,” says Richard Jones, Managing Director of Advanced Labels.

Adding capacity

“Looking to add production capacity, we visited Nilpeter last year and were very interested - so after seeing the new FA with all its improvements at LabelExpo, we knew it was the right choice for us. It offers a big step up in efficiency for Advanced Labels, and we really like the new CLEANINKING chambers, and the Quick Change Die Unit,” Richard Jones continues.

“The new FA allows us to insource the production of yoghurt lids as well as in-mould labels. Furthermore, the press reduces downtime with better accuracy on registration, and overall, our printers are excited about what they can achieve with the new press,” he adds.

Press configuration

The All New FA 17’’ flexo press recently installed at Advanced Labels features rail-based UV-lamination and Quick Change Die. Advanced Labels opted for UV-LED lighting from FUJIFILM, a first for the South African company. Richard Jones and his team visited a Nilpeter customer in Mexico who owns two Nilpeter presses with LED lighting, and this proved a turning point in the decision-making process. Advanced Labels has also decided to retrofit their FB-2500 presses with LED lighting.

Pushing flexo to its limits

“Our customers are already starting to see the many possibilities and opportunities from the new FA – services and products on many different substrates, from 200 g cardboard to filmic materials etc. This press really pushes flexo to its limits, and with it we are not only targeting the niche market of yoghurt lids and in-moulds, but also adding capacity in the highly competitive South African self-adhesive label market,” Richard Jones concludes.

About Advanced Labels

Advanced Labels is based in Durban, South Africa, and was established in 2010 by Managing Director Richard Jones, previously of First Impression Labels. With over 23 years of experience in the self-adhesive labelling industry, Richard Jones started Advanced Labels to focus on pharmaceutical labelling and more specialised labelling alternatives. Today, the company specializes in Pharmaceutical, Home & Personal Care, Chemical, FMCG, ‘Peel & Read’, ‘Coupon’ and on-pack ‘Booklet’ labels, servicing clients throughout South Africa. Advanced Labels is built on the mindset that the customer is the most important part of the business, and underlying the company’s success is the dedicated staff and their commitment to offering continuous in-house training on the latest machine technology.


(Left to right) Richard Jones, Managing Director of Advanced Labels; Kasevan Govender, Production Manager at Advanced Labels; and Simon Cahill, Technical Director at CSM Machine Sales, on hand for the factory acceptance test at Nilpeter HQ in Slagelse, Denmark. 

Reflex Label Plus target rapid growth and expansion with new FA

Reflex Label Plus has acquired a new 14-colour FA flexo press from Nilpeter, for its Keighley site in England, to meet customer demands for unique designs, high quality and embellishments, and achieve ambitious business expansion goals.

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Initial thoughts – “shelf appeal and wow factor”

"The label sells the product. In this ever-growing market, there are more and more craft breweries and distilleries, all looking for shelf appeal, wow factor, and differentiation from competitors. At the same time, labels are getting very complicated, and the use of multiple print processes is often necessary to meet customer demands with regards to unique designs, high quality and embellishments,” says Shaun Hanson, Operations Manager, Reflex Label Plus. 

“Although our existing press bank is quite comprehensive, there are limits, and we want to future-proof with this new investment – by having many print processes combined to produce complicated labels in one single pass. And also adding additional capacity to cope with our ambitious expansion targets,” he continues.

“Our challenges relate to how many different embellishments we can do in one pass. The new press will alleviate these issues, and save us a lot of time.

We are looking to expand this exciting business through innovation – our customers want labels that make their products stand out, and this new investment will enable us to meet and exceed those expectations,” Shaun Hanson explains. 

The most versatile flexo press on the market

Reflex Label Plus’ new FA is a 14-colour press, with 10 flexo printing units, two hot foil/embossing units, cold foil, and two fully independent RSI screens. The press will primarily be used for high-end beverage labels, craft beers, wine, spirits, cosmetics, and high-end combination labels. Installation has been planned for to be completed in April.

The new FA is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls. The FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units, Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget. All main components are manufactured in-house at Nilpeter, meaning higher production quality and control.

Opportunities in high-end label production

“Our new press will be the sixth Nilpeter press on this site over 20 years. Reflex Label Plus went on an extensive tour of Europe, looking at press manufacturers, print shops, and processes. Important decision factors in acquiring another Nilpeter press was build quality, first and foremost, but also technical ability, know-how in single-pass printing and combining different print processes,” Shaun Hanson explains. 

“Another big factor was support and service, not just from the parent company, but local "feet on the ground" – Nilpeter is the only company to offer 24/7/365 service and support, and they have skilled engineers living locally, frankly ticking all our boxes,” he continues. 

“This FA press represents a major investment and a big vote of confidence in the Keighley site, which was acquired by Reflex in 2015. This press will give us both opportunity and capacity for rapid growth in high-end label production,” he concludes.

Group CEO happy to invest

Reflex Group CEO, Ian Kendall, added, “we are delighted to be investing yet again in Shaun and his team. This machine is not only about giving our customers more of what they currently want; it’s also about anticipating future market requirements in advance. We are totally focused on efficiency in our business, and this machine is going to help use materials more effectively.”

About Reflex

The Reflex Group was formed in 2002 with the goal of being “the world’s most sustainable packaging company” – a goal still entrenched at the heart of operations. Reflex seeks to be on the forefront of innovation, investing in technology and people for continuous improvement. Today, Reflex is one of the largest companies of its kind in the UK, and with an international customer-base, Reflex serves a broad range of customer sectors. Products include self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves including R.O.S.O., liner-less labels, flexible packaging, in-mould labels, artwork, and design. The company prints high-end labels in combination for many bespoke brand owners through their Reflex Label Plus division.

Cambridge Label takes innovative step forward with the new FA

Cambridge Label of Ontario, Canada, has acquired an All New FA from Nilpeter, and anticipates to double print speeds, and drastically decreases setup times, resulting in more competitive pricing for customers

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Cambridge Label is the largest printer of trade labels in Canada. As a label supplier exclusively for trade, Cambridge Label manufactures custom printed labels in quantities as few as 100, and up to several million. Cambridge Label specializes in print for food and beverage, health and beauty, household products, industrial products, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical, as well as medical facilities.

“Our primary focus is on manufacturing high quality products while providing superior customer service, and fast on-time delivery,” says Terry Sinclair, President and Owner of Cambridge Label. “We strive to deliver in 3-5 days. In this business everyone wants it yesterday, and the quicker, you can deliver, the better. In order to deliver a high quality product quickly and consistently, you need to invest in the best equipment possible.”

This business model perfectly suits Cambridge Label’s latest investment into The All New FA flexo press from Nilpeter. The All New FA is an innovative press designed and manufactured for the modern press operator. With intuitive operations and high automation, the FA is the ideal solution for consistent and repeatable manufacturing of high quality products. The fully automated 8-colour 17-inch wide press is equipped with full UV and a wealth of value-added features. The FA allows Cambridge Label to continue serving existing customers more efficiently, while creating new application opportunities.

From left to right: Terry Sinclair, President and Owner, Deanne Sinclair, General Manager, and Mitch Whatford, Plant Manager of Cambridge Label

“We were drawn to the FA because of its efficiency and improved print quality. We anticipate we will be able to nearly double our print speeds, while also drastically decrease our press setup times. These time savings will translate into more competitive pricing for our customers, allowing us to win more long-run jobs,” says Terry Sinclair.

“In addition, the FA registers amazingly well at high speeds, allowing us to print the most technically challenging labels efficiently. We currently have a high quality digital label press, and matching the digital print quality on our existing flexo pressesm while also maintaining efficiency, has proven challenging at times. We don’t foresee that challenge anymore given the capabilities of the new FA,” he continues.

“Nilpeter has always been a good supplier to us, offering timely support and advice whenever needed. We are excited to take this innovative step forward with Nilpeter at our side,” Terry Sinclair concludes.

“It has been a great partnership with Cambridge right from the start. They were very clear on the direction they needed to go in, and we felt we were in a great position to support their current and future needs. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship” says Bob Loescher, Nilpeter Northeastern Sales Manager.

All American Label targets the wine and spirits market with a new Nilpeter MO-4 offset press

All American Label, with facilities in Dublin, CA and Memphis, TN, has installed a new Nilpeter MO-4 offset combination press and is slated to install a second by December of this year.

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Nilpeter’s revolutionary platform-based offset press, which just reached 100 worldwide installations, offers premium quality combination printing based on lightweight sleeve technology. The MO-4 offset press can be configured according to customer needs, and is ready for seamless integration of future applications. The MO-4 integrates proven easy-load sleeves for both offset and flexo printing.

“Since day one, All American Label has been known as “More Than Just Labels™”. We have successfully become a company you can depend on. With a highly skilled and dedicated team and our state-of-the-art equipment, we continue to produce unparalleled results in the wine and spirits industry. The new Nilpeter MO-4 platform is ideally suited to meet our goals and exceed our expectations of excellence,” says Brad C. Brown, Owner, All American Label.


Left to right – Brandon Warren, Colten Brown, Mike Anderson, and Brad Brown of All American Label

Robert Wray, Nilpeter West Coast Sales Manager states that the All American Label and Nilpeter partnership is a perfect fit, “A key strategy for All American Label was to aggressively service the wine and spirits market which has shown considerable growth. The MO-4 offset combination platform will support this objective, offering the most sophisticated solution for this market, with the highest quality and ease of operation. Furthermore, the MO-4 will help All American Label improve on efficiency and flexibility in production. In short, the MO-4 is a perfect fit.”

Nilpeter is proud to welcome All American Label to the family - their focus and attention to detail have been a key driver in this project, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Color Label invests in their 10th Nilpeter flexo press

Danish label converter, Color Label, is one of the leading Danish suppliers of self-adhesive labels for the food industry and the chemical industry. 

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The Aarhus-based company was established in 1980 by Erik Grønning, who continues to be in the forefront of the company. 

Since 1980. when Color Label was first established, labels were printed on a Nilpeter press. Owner & CEO Erik Grønning explains, ”Well it’s quite simple. Nilpeter is the Mercedes of label printing presses, and we have never considered investing in anything else. At Color Label it is essential that our equipment is highly reliable, as it is in our DNA to always deliver on time”.  

With the purchase of a newly refurbished FA-2500, the total number of 250 mm wide presses is brought up to 8. “The latest addition to our production floor is not considered a used press. The refurbishment job done by Nilpeter UK Ltd. is remarkable. It is really as good as new”, states Erik Grønning. He goes on to explain the rationale behind the investment, “With Color Label’s production setup, it makes perfectly sense for us to have an even number of presses. That way we eliminate the risk of bottlenecks and we are fully flexible: All tasks can be run on all machines”. The Color Label philosophy of twin presses allows them to use existing tooling, and there is no new learning curve for the company printers.


Owner & CEO Erik Grønning in front of his new FA-2500 at Color Label in Aarhus, Denmark

In addition, Color Label has two Nilpeter FA-4200 sleeve-based servo presses. They are tailored to run a wide range of tasks ranging from classic labels to film, flexible packaging, and carton. The machines can print films down to 15 micron and cardboard up to 350 g. 

To Color Label, company size has never been a goal in itself, quite the contrary. There is a focus on maintaining a dynamic organisation where everyone takes a personal pride and responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction, first time, every time… all in line with the company's slogan: "Not the largest - but first".

If anyone would like to see how the streamlined system of FA-Line presses performs in a live environment, the doors at Color Labels are always open


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