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How Phipps Label is Building For the Future
Package Printing reports that Phipps Label invest in the future. This is an extract of Editor-in-Chief of packagePRINTING, Cory Francer.
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After spending the day touring the Nilpeter manufacturing facility, viewing demo presses and testing out his company’s jobs, Greg Phipps had one lingering question:

What are the big boys buying?

Phipps, the owner of Sinking Spring, Pa.-based Phipps Label, was in the market for a new flexo press, and he needed one that would be a catalyst for his 15-employee business to expand beyond pressure-sensitive labels into new products like shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.

The answer Phipps received to his bold question was the new Nilpeter FA, a 17˝ press featuring an immense level of automation — so much so that the press is controlled by a mobile tablet, rather than traditional knobs and cranks.

Though the technology driving the FA was a revelation to Phipps, he could immediately tell the press had the potential to be the solution he was looking for. After all, he says, he was not looking for a machine to add capacity with the same capabilities he already had. He needed a press that could do something new.

We have some real good customers who are national companies,” Phipps says. “If you want to keep those guys, they want to see that you’re invested in the future, so when they want to move on and do something really elaborate, they don’t have to go somewhere else. They know Phipps can do it.

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From left, Matt Thierolf, COO of Phipps Label, and the manager of Phipps Label’s finishing department, review a job coming off the press_story

From left, Matt Thierolf, COO of Phipps Label, and the manager of Phipps Label’s finishing department, review a job coming off the press.

European leader in self-adhesive labelling
Geostick did their due diligence and considered other press manufacturers for the job, but in the end, Nilpeter offered the best solution at the right cost.
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Geostick Group, one of the biggest label printers in Europe, and the leader in the field of self-adhesive labels, has acquired a new Nilpeter FA to future-proof production and add capabilities in flexible packaging, special tags, and self-adhesive labels. Geostick has a long-standing relationship with Nilpeter, and the new FA complements their existing line-up totalling five Nilpeter FA-4 presses at locations in Utihoorn and The Hague, Holland.

The Challenge

Geostick faced challenges of needing to replace old equipment, expand capacity, and increase quality and register accuracy in the production of self-adhesive labels and complex tags in back and front printing.

To solve these challenges we simply had to upgrade technology, shorten setup times, decrease waste, and ease operations for our printers. We have done all this with the new FA,” says Cees Schouten, Operations Director at Geostick Group. “In our Geostick Labels & Tags division we also produce labels for Healthcare, where perfect print quality and very accurate registering is a must, which the FA also enables,” Cees Schouten adds.

The Solution

Geostick did their due diligence and considered other press manufacturers for the job, but in the end, Nilpeter offered the best solution at the right cost.

We have a long history with Nilpeter, and currently have four FA-4 presses in Uithoorn, and one at our plant in The Hague. We are very satisfied with the quality, service, and efficiency of that press, so it was natural to go with the new FA for this project. We considered other press manufacturers, but Nilpeter gives us the perfect solution at the right price, and with this investment we can secure our customers the best quality at competitive pricing,” says Cees Schouten.

The Result

With the new FA, Geostick will upgrade and improve their production of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging.

First off, the new FA gives us more standardization in the Geostick Group as a whole, allowing us to become more flexible. We will also have the possibility to serve our Tag clients with more opportunities in multiple colours. We are sure that with this new FA, Geostick Group is ready for the future and has taken a big step for further growth,” Cees Schouten concludes.

With this investment we now have the same printing technology in all 3 of our production plants. The production plant in Heumen, where Jan Pieter Brandwijk is the Plant Director, now has the newest technology, aswel.

About Geostick

Geostick is a family company, established in 1924 by Mr. P.J. Berveling, grandfather of the current owner. Geostick is one of the biggest label printers in Europe and a market leader in the field of self-adhesive labels. Besides conventional printing, Geostick also leads the market in digital printing, and supplies label printers, offers maintenance, labelling software, transfer foil, warning labels, healthcare labels, flexible packaging, tags, tickets, barcode stickers, and warehouse labels. Geostick is innovative and leads the market in printing technologies, such as printing with silver ink, mosaic, and the printing of compostable materials.

May 2018


Geostick Group rings the bell at Nilpeter Headquarters in Slagelse, Denmark.

Nilpeter made a grand entrance at LabelExpo Southeast Asia 2018
The All New FA was Nilpeter’s main attraction, complemented by product offerings from their regional OEM-partners.
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Nilpeter Asia Pacific made a grand entrance at the inaugural LabelExpo Southeast Asia that took place last week, May 10-12, at the world-class Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

Great feedback from visitors

“This first LabelExpo show in Southeast Asia was indeed a success for Nilpeter,” says Sales & Marketing Director Jakob Landberg. “The Nilpeter stand was busy throughout the show with visitors from all over Asia - and even some from Africa, the Middle East, and South America. We sold several presses, established new contacts with various decision-makers, and identified new projects to be handled in coming months,” Jakob Landberg concludes. 

 The new FA generated great feedback from visitors, who showed a great deal of interest in the versatile, state-of-the-art flexo press. Nilpeter’s main takeaway from the inaugural LabelExpo Southeast Asia is, that the Thai market is thriving, and that the Nilpeter Technology Center in Bangkok is pivotal in this aspect.

Globalflex outlines plan for ambitious growth
Globalflex, a self-adhesive label converting offshoot of Colombian offset printer Calidad Gráfica, has ambitious plans for growth after installing the country 's first Nilpeter FA-4 *. James Quirk of Labels & Labeling reports
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Globalflex, a young flexo label converter based in the port city of Barranquilla on Colombia's Caribbean coast, has made an ambitious leap forward in terms of quality and productivity with the installation of the country's first Nilpeter FA-4* press.

The company was started in 2015, the brainchild of siblings Rafael Salcedo and Ester Posada, as an offshoot of the offset printer Calidad Gráfica which they founded 18 years ago.

Printing is in their blood: in 1939, their grandfather, also named Rafael Salcedo,  opened an editorial printer, Editorial Mejoras, and achieved local fame when he received an international patent for his invention  of a mathematic formula for binding and  numbering book pages. Their father and his seven siblings eventually took over the business.

Calidad Gráfica, which employs 110 people, uses equipment from Heidelberg, Manroland, and Polar to produce sheet-fed offset printed labels, the largest part of its business at 60 percent, as well as folding cartons - 30 percent. A wide-format Mimaki digital printer handles publicity work, which represents 10 percent of production.

After five years, Calidad Gráfica installed a Webtron flexo press in order to test the water in that market. 'It was hard to make the machine profitable,' recalls Salcedo.  'We needed specialist finishing equipment and had to import materials from abroad. We realized we needed to focus investment either in offset or in flexo.'

'We could see the trend of clients wanting to move from offset to flexo: flexo materials are cheaper, and there can be more options for adding value through advanced finishing. But because the initial flexo press wasn't a success, we decided to create a new  company, Globalflex, housed within the Calidad Gráfica factory, and invest in an  Omicron press, slitter rewinder and sleeve equipment.' 

Rafael Salcedo with the Nilpeter FA-4, the first press of its kind in Colombia_storyRafael Salcedo with the Nilpeter FA-4*, the first press of its kind in Colombia

Successful move

The Omicron 7-color UV flexo press - a vertical machine from China equipped with corona station, cold foil, lamination, delam/relam, video inspection and two die-cutting units - was the pair's first real experience of flexo technology. Alongside it, they added a die-cutting system and shrink sleeve equipment, also from Omicron. 'The move was a success: we achieved 40 percent growth in our second year,' says Salcedo.

Needing to increase capacity, Salcedo began looking at alternatives to the Chinese press, studying machines from suppliers in North America, Brazil, Europe and China before installing the Nilpeter FA-4* in late 2017. 'It's a value-added machine, the first of its kind in Colombia,' he says. 'It will increase our production capacity by five times, thanks to its speed of 200m/min.'

The servo-driven 8-color UV flexo press has a 16in web width and is equipped with lamination, cold foil, delam/relam, die-cutting, turnbar and a screen unit from SPGPrints. According to Salcedo, only five other label converters in Colombia have rotary screen capabilities.

'The expanded gamut printing brought by the Nilpeter press is a huge advantage,' continues Salcedo. 'We can show clients tangible examples of the improved quality of our printed products.'

Globalflex, which has 11 dedicated employees, continues to operate within Calidad Gráfica's factory, which has been expanded from 2,400sqm to 3,000 sqm following the Nilpeter press installation. The Nilpeter and Omicron equipment is housed in a specific area dedicated to self-adhesive label, wraparound label and shrink sleeve production, alongside a fleet of Chinese slitter rewinders.

Self-adhesive materials are sourced from Colombian manufacturer Arclad, while shrink sleeve materials come from Klockner Pentaplast. RotoMetrics and Kocher+Beck supply tooling; inks are bought from Nazdar. A workflow software developed in-house by Calidad Gráfica has been implemented at Globalflex.

It's not only technology that the companies share: some 80 percent of clients buy from both companies, with many ordering both offset- and flexo-printed labels.Globalflex’s biggest end user markets are liquor, representing 20 percent of production, and agrochemical, at 15 percent. It also serves the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care, food and beverage sectors.

Growth prospects

Salcedo is bullish about Globalflex's growth prospects. The installation of the Nilpeter FA-4 * press helped the company boost growth to 90 percent last year -only its third year of operation - while a further 100 percent growth is forecast for 2018. To help achieve this, the company plans to invest in high quality finishing equipment in the near future.

While Calidad Gráfica only serves the Colombian market, Salcedo says a focus for this year is to expand Globalflex's export business, particularly in Central America and the Caribbean. It already has clients in Panama.

Read story: small_Thumbnail_Rafael Salcedo with the Nilpeter FA-4, the first press of its kind in Colombia

Nilpeter at Pack Expo 2018
May 16th to 19th , we’ll participate to the regional exhibition Packexpo 2018, in Bucharest. More than 100 companies, printers, converters, filling and packaging machines producers will attend as well.  
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Pack Expo 2018 will be held from May 16th to 19th in the largest and newest pavilion of Romexpo-Bucharest Exhibition Center. For four days, the entire B2 pavilion will turn into a 16,000-square-mega-mega-scene dedicated to the field industry, packed with packing equipment for packing, dosing, filling, marking and labeling, palletizing, logistics, stacking, technologies and innovative solutions, research, packaging design, as well as the latest and most innovative labels and packages made of cardboard, paper, plastic, glass or metal and, last but not least, raw materials and consumables.

The best packages and labels will be awarded at the Romanian Packaging Awards (2nd edition), the only event in Romania dedicated to this industry (see here who were the winners of 2016), organized at the fair.

Pack Expo 2018 will be complemented by Expo Shop, the exhibition targeting all types of retailers. In the context in which the retail volume in Romania increased by 14% in September 2017 compared to September 2016 (this is the largest increase in retail volume in the European Union, according to Eurostat), Expo Shop was designed to represent the perfect mix for industry leaders: well-known local and regional exhibitors, related events, innovations, demo, well-targeted visitors specialists.
Read more about the event at:

Meet Cristian Hatagan from EuroTop Grafix and hear all about Nilpeter's FA-6*!


Nilpeter at FINAT European Label Forum 2018
The European Label Forum (ELF) is hosted by FINAT and takes place once a year. Its programme extends over three days and offers a unique source of knowledge, experience and networking key to the strategic success of label businesses.
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This year the event will take place on 6 - 8 June 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. The Label Forum is the annual summit for business leaders, media representatives, and stakeholders along the labelling value chain in Europe. More than 250 peers in the industry will attend this event.

As in previous years, the programme covers a range of issues that have been or will soon be on boardroom agendas of labels and packaging solutions providers across Europe.

Topics on this year’s “ELF” agenda include among other things the following topics:

  • The European label industry after Brexit
  • Diversification of the labels and narrow web industry into short-run packaging
  • Intelligent labels and packaging
  • Recruitment and retention of talent
  • The state of affairs in digital label printing (based on FINAT commissioned research)
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) of different label printing technologies
  • The latest innovations in brand protection
  • Branding your company via online marketing
  • Managing food compliance regulations
  • Preparing for upcoming legislation on serialization and tamper evidence

FINAT's European Label Forum aims to serve as the annual business summit for the labelling community in Europe. In this format, the Forum has replaced the FINAT Congress as the association's annual industry conference.

Nilpeter is Gold Sponsor of this event.

Read more about the conference at:

Nilpeter at LabelExpo Southeast Asia 2018
Nilpeter Asia Pacific will make a “grand entrance” at the first edition of LabelExpo Southeast Asia in Bangkok. At the stand, Nilpeter will showcase and demonstrate the All New FA printing press. 
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The new FA is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern press operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls.

The FA provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates. Based on Nilpeter’s Clean-Hand design approach, the FA ensures clean hands during press operation, with a minimum of hands-on press interaction; all data is saved, jobs are easily recalled, and the press will auto register.

In addition, we will display a variety of equipment from our world-class strategic partners represented in the region: Trojan Label (digital presses), Lundbergtech (waste management systems), Pamarco (anilox rollers), Grafotronic (slitter/rewinders), and many more.

Nilpeter has recently opened its Technology Center in Bangkok and re-located close to Suvarnabhumi Airport. The Technology Center houses a new FA-Line as well as its partner equipment from Trojan Label, Pamarco, Grafotronic, Alphasonics, and more. ‘With its partners, Nilpeter can offer custom tailored advice to its customers,’ says Erik Blankenstein, Sales Director at Nilpeter Asia Pacific.

Nilpeter has a team of technical engineers, electricians, and printers based in Thailand and locally in Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, China, and Australia for installation, training and after sales service of Nilpeter products as well as all strategic partner equipment and supplies.

We welcome you all on May 10 -12 at stand no. D33 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

Nilpeter to sponsor RotoMetrics European Open Event 2018
RotoMetrics has detailed its next European Open House, ‘Exploration of Print’, taking place July 3 - 4 in the UK. Nilpeter is a proud Gold Sponsor of this event.
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The die manufacturer will open its doors in Aldridge to printers, converters, and packaging specialists from around the world in a special two-day event on 3-4 July 2018. The event will include 30 major co-suppliers to take part in this fourth biennial event.

“Bringing together a variety of companies, engaged in all sectors, will enable visitors to experience first-hand the exciting developments that are taking place within our industry, and RotoMetrics is looking forward to welcoming them,” said Neil Lilly, RotoMetrics sales director.

As in previous years, the programme covers a number of presentations from industry partners addressing trends and giving an insight how to continue to provide information on the cutting-edge developments in our industry

“… this year, RotoMetrics are hoping to attract record numbers from across the globe, having now confirmed a formidable group of headline speakers from the printing and packaging industry. We have also secured the attendance of the world’s greatest living explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes - a truly awe-inspiring, motivational speaker who will take to the stage on both days, adding to the themed event of ‘Exploration’”, says Lilly.

Read more and sign up for this event

OPM Group Ltd invests in new FA

OPM is adding new capabilities to its label and flexible packaging facility based in Leeds.

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Earlier this week they rang the customary Nilpeter bell in Slagelse, Denmark.


(left to right) John Hammond, Nilpeter UK Ltd., and Steve Walker, OPM Group Ltd.

This signifies the purchase of another state-of-the-art FA-Line. Benefits of the new equipment include increased productivity for the company, more technical capabilities to create enhanced functionality to its peel-and-read and closure products. The press has also been fitted with highly decorative packaging features and technical properties to ensure OPM can help their customers explore how to bring brands to life with new product features.

OPM Owner Chris Ellison commented, “As a forward thinking printing company we are driven to both help brands succeed and “invest to be the best” and deliver innovation to our clients. This recent investment in additional print decoration technologies will increase OPM’s ability to deliver both functional and visual print effects creating a point of difference”.

The new capabilities will make almost anything possible when it comes to label decoration. Designed to print virtually all capabilities in one pass, in virtually any combination. Add unique substrates and decorative films and OPM has a formula that will inspire designers and brand managers with print innovation that provides enormous opportunity to add impact, create a story, and engage the consumer.

The new investment follows a significant investment strategy over the last ten years, in location, people, presses, and automation resulting in a sustainable growth for OPM.

Primoreels acquires new FA
Primoreels increase printing quality and capacity with all-new FA
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Danish packaging company, Primoreels A/S, has acquired a new 17” FA to increase printing quality, capacity, and efficiency in their production of dairy, water, and juice lids among others, and to meet growing demands from market-leading customers such as Arla Foods and Danone.

Nilpeter_Primoreels_FA_Flexo_storyIMAGE: Aakjær + Sahlberg shake hands

Future-proof in terms of capacity and technology

“It was natural for us to go to Nilpeter. With their facilities just 45 minutes away, we can count on quick reliable service if need be, and more importantly, we were blown away by the capabilities of the new FA,” says Henrik Sahlberg, Managing Director, Primoreels A/S. “With the new press we are future-proof in terms of capacity and technology – job change time is cut from 90 minutes to less than 10, we can insource previously outsourced jobs, enhance quality for our existing customer database, and approach exciting new markets and industry leaders. We are definitely looking up now, and very excited for what lies ahead,” he concludes.

Press information

Primoreels’ new FA is a 9-colour, 17’’ flexo press with a double die-cutting unit. The press is configured with three Nilpeter Automation and Application Packages: The Film Package, the Progressive Print Package, and the Automatic Register Package. Three of the printing units are fitted with colour pumps to speed-up the flow and output on the more frequently used colours. Once installed in July 2018, Primoreels will produce sealable lids on a range of flexible substrates – mainly PP and PET plastic with integrated barriers and pure thin foils (23-36 my).

VIDEO: Nilpeter's All New FA

Successful test runs in Nilpeter’s Technology Center

Mads Aakjær, Nilpeter Area Sales Manager, reports, “Primoreels visited our Technology Center in Slagelse in the beginning of the year, and with successful test runs of two jobs on metalized PET (23/36 my), Henrik Sahlberg and two of his printers got to experience first hand the speed, user-friendliness, and print quality of the new FA. We’re very happy with this sale – Henrik and his team have been exemplary, and we are pleased to add quality and efficiency to their operations.”

About Primoreels A/S

Primoreels A/S offers intelligent, high-quality lidding solutions that increase efficiency and lowers total costs for manufacturers in the dairy sector and water/juice industries. Primoreels is a proud partner and supplier to well-known companies such as Arla Foods, Danone, Lactalis, and many others. Primoreels is present on 4 continents and BRC certified (British Retail Consortium) since 2017. Read more on


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