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Nilpeter to premiere new flexo press at LabelExpo Europe 2017

Nilpeter is pulling out all the stops at LabelExpo Europe 2017, premiering the all new FA flexo press.

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This brand new flexo press is the latest addition to their state-of-the-art flexo programme, and displaying one of their newly upgraded digital PANORAMA Hybrid presses.

The All New FA 

The new FA is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern press operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls. 


The FA provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates. Based on Nilpeter’s Clean-Hand design approach, the FA ensures clean hands during press operation, with a minimum of hands-on press interaction; all data is saved, jobs are easily recalled, and the press will auto register.

Last but not least, the new FA allows printers to enhance the performance and capability of their press with Value-Adding Units as well as Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget.


In addition to the all new FA, Nilpeter is also bringing their newly upgraded PANORAMA Hybrid to the show. Since the launch of the PANORAMA digital product line at LabelExpo Europe 2015, the Danish press manufacturer has made major enhancements, including a re-design of the PANORAMA’s converting and flexo printing units, as well as updates of the press software. 


The new digital PANORAMA Hybrid configurations cover a wide and varied spectrum of customer needs and requirements – from stand-alone, to all-round, and value-added hybrids.

See you there!

Nilpeter is looking forward to seeing you in Brussels from September 25 – 28, as always, in Hall 7 at stand nos 7B35 & 7B39.

Nilpeter at Label Latinoamerica 2017
Meet Nilpeter at Label Latinoamerica 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil, in August
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Visitors of Nilpeter’s booth at Label Latinoamerica 2017 will be introduced to a variety of innovative solutions and products, including the DP-3 digital InkJet press of the PANORAMA product-line, Trojanlabel digital printer, a Rotoflex slitter/rewinder, and a Nikka automatic inspection system.

“This time we decided to showcase the digital side of our business”, says Rubens Wilmers, Managing Director at Nilpeter do Brasil. “Our goal with this show is to demonstrate to the South American market, that Nilpeter is a one-stop-shopping supplier when it comes to narrow-web printing equipment – a true printing partner.”

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The Label Latinoamerica trade show, also known as “The LABEL”, is an international exhibition and conference on adhesive labels, tags, and product identification. The 8th edition will run from 21-23 August at the Pro-Magno Events Center in São Paulo, Brazil. The show has been growing every year since 2004 and is one of the most important events dedicated to the narrow-web sector in Latin America.

TrojanLabel and Nilpeter form international collaboration
The Danish manufacturer of digital inkjet label printing machines, TrojanLabel, and Nilpeter A/S have established an international agreement for distribution of the Trojan2 digital label press.
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The agreement covers the specific markets of Nilpeter USA Inc., Nilpeter do Brasil, Nilpeter Asia Pacific, and Nilpeter Ltd. in the UK and Ireland.

From the get-go, it has been Nilpeter’s strategy to offer a wide range of digital solutions with our PANORAMA product-line and the products from TrojanLabel fit perfectly into this equation”, says Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director at Nilpeter A/S. “We are very excited because we now cover a larger market with quality products which is what converters expect from Nilpeter.”

The Trojan2 is a mini digital label press that can propel converters into the world of digital labels. As such, it supplements Nilpeter’s PANORAMA product-line of hybrid solutions.

TrojanLabel has grown rapidly to become one of the leading manufacturers in the digital colour label printer market and has now become a part of AstroNova inc.

We consider this collaboration to be a significant, strategic partnership which will further accelerate our leadership position of several hundred Trojan installations in this market “, says Mikkel Wichmann, Managing Director of TrojanLabel. “With Nilpeter as a global partner, we will be able to get closer to our customers, provide strong backup, and further enhance our successful distribution channels.

The first PANORAMA in Africa
Johannesburg, SA: With 57 years of label printing expertise, South African Rebsons Labels, a family-owned business, moves into digital label printing with their purchase of a Stand-Alone Nilpeter PANORAMA – the first of its kind in Africa.
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Moving with the times
In 1963, Rebsons Labels purchased their first printing press and started to produce labels – thus becoming a self-adhesive label manufacturing company. Rebsons Labels has “moved with the technological trends over the past years, upgrading and purchasing state-of-the-art label printing equipment”, says Rebsons’ owner Benny Friedmann.

The Nilpeter PANORAMA is next in line. “There is a constant and ever growing demand for digitally printed labels; run-lengths are getting shorter, and customers require variable data on labels and demand shorter delivery times,” says Benny Friedmann.

In addition to being a loyal Nilpeter customer for more than 40 years, we assessed the digital market during a 2- to 3-year period, and decided that the Stand-Alone PANORAMA was by far the best solution for us. An immediate benefit is our vast production of generic labels with variable data for a large super market chain customer – the PANORAMA allows us to reduce production time and stock holding of variants, and enables us to print on demand and improve cash flow,” he adds.

The beginning of a 40-year relationship
In 1972, Benny Friedmann attended his first Drupa exhibition with the intention of buying a flexo press of the same brand as those already in his production. However, when Mr. Friedmann arrived at the Nilpeter booth and saw the S-185 4-colour flexo press, his eyes lit up. He admitted to the South African Nilpeter agent that this was his dream machine, but unfortunately, it was out of his price range. Luckily the Nilpeter agent had good contacts in the South African banking industry, so he pulled a few strings and managed to arrange funding. This meant the beginning of a 40-year long business relationship.

"My first Nilpeter press changed my business. Suddenly I was able to print the highest quality. I printed self-adhesive labels that were far more sophisticated, launching my business into an entirely different league", Friedmann explains. “All the presses I have bought since have been state-of-the-art, and I have retained my advantage”, he concludes.

From B-200 to the PANORAMA
Over the years, Rebsons has bought many Nilpeter presses. In the 80s, before the era of trade sanctions, the first B-200 was acquired. As Danish suppliers to South Africa were part of the sanctions, trading stopped, but in 1992 with sanctions lifted, Rebsons bought a second B-200 and a third followed shortly thereafter. Nilpeter FA-2500, FB-2500, and FB-3300S have all been part of the growth at Rebsons, and now the next step has been taken with the addition of the PANORAMA.

Rebsons Labels is a leading supplier of labels in South Africa and produces self-adhesive labels for local and international clientele from various industries.

Allied Pacific Invests in the Nilpeter FA-4*
Allied Pacific Packaging Solutions Corporation has acquired their first Nilpeter press
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Allied Pacific has invested in an 8-colour FA-4* flexo press with de-/relamination, UV-lamination, cold foil, and Quick-Change Die Unit.

The investment is a result of an increased demand for value-added flexible packaging.

The Philippine packaging solutions company is a large player on the local package printing market and is one of 50 subsidiaries in the giant RD Corporation. Since 2005, the company specialises in printing of labels, pouches, boxes, wrappers, and much more, within the food segment.

We see a clear trend towards advanced flexible packaging solutions”, General Manager of Allied Pacific, Ann Magdalene S. Chua, explains. “We operate in a highly competitive market in the Asian region, so we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition”.

In 2015, Ann Chua set out to find her next flexo press to keep up with the increasing demand. She spotted Nilpeter’s FA-4* running candy sachets at LabelExpo Europe’s Packprint Workshop in 2015, and her interest was sparked.

I was immediately impressed with the level of automation on that press”, says Ann Chua. “It basically combines a very cool design with a lot of practical and ergonomic features – and this appeals to me”.

Another contributing factor for Allied Pacific’s decision is the confidence in Nilpeter’s service setup in the Asian region. “Service is of the utmost importance to us, and we have no doubt that Nilpeter Customer Care will support us every step of the way”, says Allied Pacific’s General Manager.

Allied Pacific Packaging Solutions Corp. expects to move into more segments, such as health & beauty, beverage, and pharmaceuticals. “There are so many benefits to the FA-4*, and I would be very surprised if this is the last Nilpeter press we invest in!”, Ann Chua concludes.

Ann_Chua_General_Manager_Allied_Pacific_storyAnn Chua, General Manager of Allied Pacific Packaging Solutions Corporation, in front of their new Nilpeter FA-4*.

Powerhouse All4Labels acquires three Nilpeter PANORAMA Hybrids
Newly formed All4Labels has acquired three PANORAMA Hybrid presses from Danish press manufacturer Nilpeter, to meet growing customer demands for product and brand customisation
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Recently upgraded with a complete re-design of the converting and flexo printing units, as well as a major upgrade of press software, Nilpeter’s digital product line, PANORAMA, covers a wide and varied spectrum of customer requirements – from stand-alone to all-round, and value-added hybrid configurations.

What and where?
All4Labels has purchased three PANORAMA Hybrid combination presses. All the presses support 5-colour InkJet engines in various combinations with flexo processes, hot foil/embossing, and Quick-Change die-cutting.

The three PANORAMA Hybrids will be installed at different All4Labels locations across Europe and follow our strategy to set new industry standards in terms of flexibility, customisation and supply chain excellence. We have followed the market trend towards customisation for a long time, and with this investment we will reach the next level. We have chosen Nilpeter’s PANORAMA, because it combines the strength of the different technologies in a perfect way”, says Torsten Wietholz, Corporate Director of All4Labels.

The All4Labels installations open a whole new chapter in the opportunities around digital print driven by brand owners with focus on sustainable supply chain and product differentiation. “We definitely expect the trend of personalisation to grow drastically in the near future - opening new doors for our customers”, says Jakob Landberg, Nilpeter Sales & Marketing Director. “For that very reason, our focus will be on supporting this market development by designing dynamic modular hybrid solutions”.


See the PANORAMA Hybrid at LabelExpo Europe 2017
The PANORAMA was a major attraction when launched at LabelExpo Europe 2015, and with the new enhancements and upgrades, Nilpeter’s digital product line should garner plenty of attention at this year’s show, as usual taking place at Brussels Expo in the Belgian capital, from September 25–28, 2017. Nilpeter will exhibit in Hall 7 at stand nos 7B35 & 7B39.

Nilpeter Asia Pacific on PacPrint 2017
Once again, Nilpeter joined the internationally recognised Australian event in Melbourne
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In May, Nilpeter attended the PacPrint 2017 in Australia. John Andersen, Managing Director at Nilpeter Asia Pacific, and Erik Blankenstein, Sales Director at Nilpeter Asia Pacific were to be found at Nilpeter’s stand to present the latest trends within flexo, offset, and digital narrow-web printing – and the new Technology Center in Bangkok. 

The market in Australia is regaining strength and growing at the moment – and Nilpeter believes to have the ideal presses for the Australian market”, says Erik Blankenstein. “Nilpeter’s global Customer Care is running 24/7 – and our very experienced Australian team is part of the setup”.

The new Nilpeter Technology Centre in Bangkok, which opened in April, will be the perfect showcase for Australian customers to visit – definitely more convenient than flying to Europe. The Technology Center, where we run live demos, is going to play a large role in our Asia Pacific strategy in coming years!”, John Andersen concludes.

In the magazine print21 from June, you can read about how Studio Labels in Adelaide experienced that their investment in Nilpeter’s FA-4* flexo press to be an opportunity to expand production capabilities. For Studio Labels, a big factor in their decision to invest in the Nilpeter press, was the FA-4*’s capacity for inline flatbed hot foil and embossing and Quick-Change Die. “Combining a state-of-the-art flexo press with an FP-4 unit will allow us to compete in the short run, highly embellished space, typically associated with digital printing”, says Miguel Alemao, Managing Director of Studio Labels.

Big News from Nilpeter
Nilpeter is pulling out all the stops at LabelExpo Europe, premiering the all new FA flexo press, and displaying one of their newly upgraded digital PANORAMA Hybrid presses.
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The FA is based on Clean-Hand Technology and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls. The FA provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates. Last but not least, the new FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units as well as Application and Automation Packages.

The new PANORAMA Hybrid configurations cover a wide and varied spectrum of customer needs and requirements – from stand-alone, to all-round, and value-added hybrids. The press on show features completely re-designed converting and flexo printing units, as well as a major upgrade of the press software.

Nilpeter looks forward to seeing you at Brussels Expo, in Hall 7 at stand nos 7B35 & 7B39.PANORAMA Hybrid_re-designed converting and flexo printing units_605

Nilpeter at FINAT European Label Forum 2017
The FINAT European Label Forum 2017 will again be a must-attend, top-level event for business and opinion leaders of the label and narrow-web industry.
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This year the event will take place on 7 – 9 June 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The Label Forum is the annual summit for business leaders, media representatives, and stakeholders along the labelling value chain in Europe. More than 250 peers in the industry will attend this event.

Last year’s congress was a great success with optimistic projections and high level presentations. I make sure to always attend,” says Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director at Nilpeter A/S and FINAT board member as well as Chairman of the FINAT Marketing Committee.

FINAT's European Label Forum aims to serve as the annual business summit for the labelling community in Europe. In this format, the Forum has replaced the FINAT Congress as the association's annual industry conference.

Nilpeter is Gold Sponsor of this event.

Read more about the conference

New Technology Center in Thailand
We are pleased to announce that our new Technology Center in Bangkok is open for visits and our dedicated team is standing by for press demonstrations. 
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Alongside our Technology Centers in Europe and the USA, the new facility in Bangkok serves as the perfect showcase for ground-breaking ideas and innovations from Nilpeter and local technology partners such as Grafotronic and Trojanlabel.


Get hands-on experience

The Technology Center hosts a large space for operating presses, a well-equipped prepress area, customer lounge, as well as training and meeting rooms.

We invite you to get hands-on experience and print demonstrations on standard jobs with the following machines on display:

The PANORAMA digital product line. The digital InkJet press, DP-3, is highly reliable, with a market leading uptime, fast and easy start-up, and high print engine stability. The smart workflow management system, EQUIOS, ensures outstanding typeface optimisation, provides automated step and repeat functions, and matches a majority of Pantone colours. The ease of use enables you to respond to any customer requestsAn 8-colour FB-350. The new FB features pre-register, in-setting capabilities, and an Automated Plate Positioning System (APPS). We have also added dual web-path, and a rail system with turn bars and movable unwind/rewind towers for cold foil, hot foil, and lamination.



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