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Liberty Marking Systems installs their second Nilpeter press in 18 months
Liberty Marking Systems of Cincinnati, OH have recently installed their second Nilpeter flexo press, an FB-3300S, just 18 months after purchasing their first FB-3300.
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Custom labels and innovative solutions
Established in 1988, Liberty Marking Systems is a privately owned company located in Cincinnati, OH, USA. Specialising in custom labels and innovative solutions for all labeling needs, Liberty Marking Systems has earned a reputation as a "company you can count on" with customers and partners around the labeling industry.

Doubling their capacity
"After breaking ground on our 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse expansion in May, we decided it was as good a time as any to add another press to our line up,” says Brian Beam, Vice President of Liberty Marking Systems. “Nilpeter is an industry leader, which we experienced firsthand less than 2 years ago when we purchased our first FB-3300, and we didn't hesitate in bringing them back in as we considered adding an 8-color FB-3300S,” he adds.


Liberty Marking Systems Vice President Brian Beam (right), and Production Manager Stan Berger (left), with their new Nilpeter FB-3300S flexo press.

“This press will double our previous maximum capability of multi-color printing and will allow us to become more prominent in the prime and retail labeling markets. We couldn't ask for a better, more supportive partner than Nilpeter, and they have continued to offer their assistance as we become accustomed with the press and its features. An investment such as this can be a difficult one, but Nilpeter’s quality and service made it just the opposite for us, and we couldn't be more satisfied with our decision," Brian Beams concludes.

Proud to partner up
“We are very proud to be selected as the supplier of choice for Liberty Marking Systems. Our partnership continues to strengthen with their growth. The installation of the two FB-3300 presses will provide long-term stability for their production operation. The FB-Line presses are real workhorses, and we have surpassed 1,000 installations worldwide – a testament to their ability. This is indeed a perfect fit for Liberty Marking Systems growth and production needs,“ says Tom Strunk, Midwest Regional Sales Engineer, Nilpeter USA.

Nilpeter reaches milestone
In the past week Nilpeter hit a big milestone with their FP-4 flatbed unit for hot foil and embossing, completing production on unit no. 100.
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The first FP-4 was installed in January 2012, and the unit has proven to be a game changer – creating freedom of design with the possibility of separating embossing and foiling, using two units or more, whilst dramatically reducing tooling costs and providing a more sustainable and economic use of foil. A sign of its success, FP-4 unit no. 100 has just rolled off the assembly line at Nilpeter HQ, to be installed with a PANORAMA digital press line.
FP-4_100_storyNilpeter Technicians Ivan Klausen and Jens Villumsen have finished work on the 100th FP-4 unit, now ready to be installed with a PANORAMA digital press line.

One of the first 99 went to Auroflex srl in Italy, whose only regret to this point is having settled for one FP-4 unit instead of two, but as they say, that problem can be fixed. ”Since July 2014, where we integrated the FP-4 unit in our Nilpeter FA-3 flexo press, we have improved the performance of our company’s productivity. Printing time is reduced, for many jobs with as much as 50%, printing quality has improved due to the accuracy of the FP-4 unit and the inline process, and we have reduced the use of the offline finishing to one shift,” says Auroflex Chairman, Fabio Butera.

A Bright Future
Going forward, Nilpeter predicts continued success with the hot foil and embossing unit, seeing a steady rise in the demand for labels and flexible packaging with embellishment features – especially from a growing wine & spirits sector.

Intrigued customers can test the FP-4 unit at the Nilpeter Technology Centers – at Nilpeter Headquarters in Slagelse, Denmark, and Nilpeter USA in Cincinnati, OH. Visitors can experience the FP-4 unit in action on a print job of their own, or choose from Nilpeter’s wide range of ready-to-print jobs. In addition to offering printing demonstrations, Nilpeter’s Technology Centers serve as a showcase for modern, LEAN production environments with optimised pre-press, testing, and proofing areas.

Features and Benefits
The FP-4 enables inline foiling and embossing in combination with all Nilpeter presses, and is especially suitable for markets where embellishment features are key, such as wine & spirits and health & beauty. The FP-4 unit features simultaneous embossing and/or foil opportunities and can be integrated in any desired position in the printing process.

Nitai Press on strong growth trajectory
In 2016, Nitai Press, based in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, installed its second press in two years – a high-specification 8-colour Nilpeter FB-3300S. Labels & Labeling reports.
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In 2014, the company shifted production to a larger facility and installed its first Nilpeter FB-3300S. The 13”, 8-colour UV-press - with features including screen, cold foil, chill drums, lamination, re-/delamination, and two die-cutting units -  has a re-insertion facility that can produce 16 or more colours from the same job after reprinting.

Rajan Vyas, co-director at Nitai Press, says, “I opted for Nilpeter because the company has a manufacturing facility in India. I could go to the factory and see the press running before taking a decision. Nilpeter offers great after-sales customer support too”.

The company has been growing at a staggering 30 to 35 percent year-on-year and catering to pharmaceuticals, liquor, cosmetics, perfumes, and barcode label industries in and around Gujarat. “We will now arget some big FMCG companies’”, concludes Rajan Vyas.

The new factory is spread across an area of 13,000 sq. ft. and three floors, and converts about 240,000 sqm of paperstock every month.

Read the full story in the January 2017 issue of L&L, page 59.

3C! Packaging installs new Nilpeter press
Growing demand for labels prompted the purchase of the 10-colour FB-3 flexo press that reaches a top speed of 750 fpm.
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A bump in business prompted 3C! Packaging to add more than 3,000 square feet of additional facility space, as well as hire several new front-end personnel.

On the production side, to accommodate the growing demand for its label operations, 3C! Packaging has installed a new Nilpeter FB-3 flexo press, one of the fastest on the market. The 10-colour press delivers a top speed of 228 m/min. (750 fpm) with no compromises to print quality on webs up to 350 mm (13.75") wide. Despite being designed as a high-performance press, the FB-3 remains competitive over a wide range of run lengths, including short runs.

The new Nilpeter press is especially versatile: The machine’s movable unwind/rewind towers with rail system allow multiple label configurations, while its short web path yields fast job changeovers with minimum start-up waste. Each of the ergonomically-designed printing units includes five servo systems to automate all adjustments for saving, loading, and changing jobs, as well as for job pre-setting, impression settings, and side register load. 

Read the full story at

LabelExpo India is of strategic importance

With local innovation, development, manufacturing, sales, and support, Nilpeter India’s annual sales has now surpassed 10 machines for the local market - and markets for the FB-3300s are now also growing in South East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

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Nilpeter India has presented local manufactured products at LabelExpo India since 2008. 

"LabelExpo India is of strategic importance for us - as India is our home market", says Alan Barretto, Managing Director of Nilpeter India. "Our products are manufactured in Chennai - and as part of Nilpeter's global development team, we present numerous innovative technical features across the Nilpeter product lines. We are proud to say that our products is also now exported to regional markets."

Nilpeter sold three narrow-web flexo presses. The press orders were placed by Sai Com Codes and Homemade Bakers, both based in Sonepat, Haryana.

This press will be Homemade Bakers’ third Nilpeter. They will be using it to catch up with seasonal demand for converting and printing cones, laminating, and foil. The baking company is in the business of laminating paper and aluminium foil in-house for making biscuit cones for ice creams. The recent press will be installed by January 2017.

Another customer from Sonepat, Sai Com Codes Flexoprint, will be installing two servo-driven Nilpeter FB-3300S flexo presses. The presses will be installed one each in Sonepat and Guwahati. A Nilpeter house, Sai Com Codes runs a total of four presses at its Sonepat facility. The fifth one is scheduled for shipment in January 2017. The second press ordered by Sai will go to its plant in Guwahati.

Sai Com Codes Flexoprint manufactures and exports a wide range of pressure sensitive labels and also offers a comprehensive range of printing services for boarding passes, tags, etc.

Our Technology Center Team earns FTA FIRST certifications
The Training Staff at Nilpeter’s Technology Center in Cincinnati, OH, has earned its FTA FIRST Operator certifications
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The staff has completed all 3 levels of the FIRST certification training and passing rigorous and comprehensive examinations, designed specifically to test knowledge and advanced competencies in specific areas of expertise.  

FTA FIRST certification enables Nilpeter’s Technology Center Team to bring increased levels of proficiency to day-to-day tasks and allows them to provide high-quality service and training to customers. The certification achievements also demonstrate a personal and professional commitment from each team member.

Encouraging Initiative

“From the FTA prospective, we are extremely encouraged that a respected OEM such as Nilpeter has taken the initiative to certify its entire training staff so they may benefit from the process control and best practices emphasized in the FIRST Certification program,” says Mark Cisternino, FTA President. “It is an ideal way for Nilpeter to demonstrate their industry leadership to customers and impart the value of the program in their flexo plant as they witness FIRST in action through their training staff. I commend the Nilpeter team and encourage other OEMs to consider making a similar investment in their staff.”

Comprehensive Knowledge

“Nilpeter has always been at the forefront of operational ease and education, and now our team has the guidance and knowledge to offer our partners a total package during press delivery and demonstrations. They not only have the highest level of operational skills but now also carry a comprehensive knowledge of the flexographic process and best practices. They can provide training on the operation of a next generation press offering and also provide detailed insight on the practices and principles of flexography so the equipment will flourish in our partners operations. We could not be more proud of our team for obtaining these certifications, and we could not ask for a better partner to provide them than the FTA,” says Paul Teachout, VP of Sales and Marketing at Nilpeter USA, and a proud FTA Level 3 Certified Implementation Specialist. 

A Proven Foundation

The FIRST Operator Certification is the flexographic industry’s premier endorsement for flexographic professionals. FIRST certifications are formed from a proven foundation of knowledge and based on in-depth testing and ongoing professional development. 

FTA currently offers three certifications that recognize expert proficiency within a specific area of the flexographic workflow. They are: FIRST Press Operator (POC), FIRST Prepress Operator (PPC) and FIRST Implementation Specialist (ISC). 

Those interested can easily locate companies that employ FIRST certified professionals across the country and in their area. More information on FIRST certification is available at

Homemade Bakers’ buys its third Nilpeter
Homemade Bakers’, based in Sonepat near New Delhi, has ordered its third Nilpeter printing press at LabelExpo India 2016. Labels&Labeling reports.
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Rajiv Manchanda, director at Homemade Bakers’, after ringing the bell at the show floor, said, “We are a baker converted to a printer and a laminator. We laminate paper and aluminium foil in-house for making cones and print about four tons of foil every day. Ours is a seasonal business, but we are running full capacity in summer, so we needed another press for the next season.”

The baking company that makes biscuit cones for ice creams for most brands in the country is spread in an area of 15,000 sq. ft. and uses food grade inks for its printing process. The company has outsourced its press and uses sleeve rolling machines for finishing.

Manish Kapoor, Sales Manager at Nilpeter India, said, “Homemade Bakers’ has been a long term partner with us, and Nilpeter is very happy to be associated with them, especially for the unique application that they have for narrow-web flexo presses."

Growing at 30 percent in printing and cone making business, the company has been buying a press every year in order to keep up with the growth. The 8-colour flexo press will be installed at the factory by January 2017.

Nilpeter and The Printing Plant partner for digital success
The Printing Plant out of Cincinnati, Ohio, recently began looking into new and advanced digital options to upgrade their production equipment and product portfolio.
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Their search resulted in the first North American installation of the Nilpeter PANORAMA digital press line.

President of The Printing Plant, Tod Leonard and his team looked closely at several new digital presses in the market, evaluating equipment costs, running costs, print quality and service agreements. They had samples of current job files printed for review by several OEM companies and press manufacturers, and after all was said and done, they chose the Nilpeter digital UV-InkJet unit.  

“The improved speeds and web widths available with the PANORAMA allowed us to quote and win significant new business. One of our new customers has over 850 prime labels they are in the process of redesigning, and they specified that we would only be awarded with the order if we would commit to printing the labels on the new digital Nilpeter press. We are thrilled to have the new Nilpeter PANORAMA and look forward to not only gaining new business from new customers, but also moving some of our current flexo jobs over and becoming more efficient,” says Tod Leonard, President, The Printing Plant.


VP of Sales & Marketing for Nilpeter USA, Paul Teachout, is pleased to continue the partnership with The Printing Plant, dating back to the 2011 with the installation of a 10-colour FB-4200.

“We are extremely pleased to continue our partnership with The Printing Plant, and very happy to provide them with the PANORAMA digital press line – a perfect fit for their needs. This marks the first PANORAMA installation in North America and it has gone very well. We look forward to the continued growth and success in our cooperation with The Printing Plant,” Paul Teachout concludes.

About The Printing Plant

The Printing Plant, based in Cincinnati, OH, was purchased from The Kroger Co. in 1979 with flexo, offset, and letterpress capabilities.  Shortly after purchasing the company, management decided to convert the business to a strictly narrow-web flexo operation. Until 2011 The Printing Plant remained a flexo house selling through a direct sales force and brokers to a wide range of industries including grocery, fast food, data capture and automotive. In 2011 they purchased their first digital press to better serve customers requiring small runs. Shortly after they added an on-press InkJet system to their Nilpeter 16” FB press. These additions allowed them to get into consecutive and random numbering jobs, opening the door for UL serialized durable labels, which have now become a major part of their business helping them grow to $12 million in annual sales.  

NuPrint Technologies gain new business
NuPrint Technologies gain new business from FA-4* flexo press and a rewarding partnership with Nilpeter
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NuPrint Technologies out of Derry Londonderry, Northern Ireland, have seen a spike in business and product quality since installing an FA-4* flexo press from Nilpeter in November 2015. Read more below about the challenges they were facing, how and why they chose this solution, and last but not least, the results they’ve seen since adding to their product portfolio.

The Challenge

“Simply put, we had come to the stage where we were running at capacity with our existing production equipment,” Gavin Killeen, MD and owner, says on the topic of what made NuPrint Technologies Ltd. consider investing in new equipment. “We wanted to improve the quality of our existing product portfolio – mainly labels for the food & beverage sector, but also expand and meet a growing number of customer requests for flexible packaging products,” he continues. 

Originally a recognised supplier of printed fabric labels for the clothing industry in the UK and Ireland, NuPrint Technologies have since established themselves in the market for self-adhesive labels for the food, drink, and beverage sectors. In order to break into these sectors, major investment – totalling around £1.2 million by the end of 2006/2007 – was made in new equipment, the re-training and continued development of staff as well as raising the brand profile. 

After recognising a need for new equipment, Nuprint Technologies spent the next 18 months scouring the market place, and considered going digital, before being introduced to Nilpeter’s FA-4* at LabelExpo Americas 2014 in Chicago.

“We were intrigued by the technology on offer, the ease-of-use, and thought it would fit in nicely with our modern print shop. I think we spent around 6 months comparing the numbers, asking a ton of questions, and there was no doubt - the FA-4* and a close partnership with Nilpeter was indeed the right solution for us,” Gavin Killeen says.

The Solution

The new FA-4* 8-colour full UV-press was installed at NuPrint Technologies in November 2015. In addition to the ergonomic design, short web path and fast job changes, NuPrint’s FA-4* is equipped with value-adding units for screen, cold foil, and cross-over printing. Another thing that really stood out to NuPrint and Gavin Killeen, was the Nilpeter PowerLink system and the Air Control Satellite, which is basically a pad or tablet that offers a mirror image of the main control board for easy, mobile press operation and job prep.

“The new press gives us a lot of opportunities. For starters, the quality of the labels is just remarkable, which has opened doors in niche markets as well as the high-end food and beverage sectors,” Gavin Killeen adds, “and now we’re able to produce flexible sleeve packaging, flow packs, and more – really adding to our product portfolio,” he continues.

Another decisive factor in choosing the FA-4* was the testing at Nilpeter’s Technology Center in Denmark, as well as recommendations from existing Nilpeter customers. “The help and support from Nilpeter was tremendous. Every question we had was answered in the Technology Center, and we also got to visit five different companies in Denmark to see the FA-4* in action, which was great,” Gavin Killeen concludes.

The Result

According to Gavin Killeen, the level of help and support from Nilpeter has continued throughout the 12 months passed since the installation, but adds that NuPrint Technologies haven’t had much need for Customer Care to this stage. “The press has been running smoothly ever since, and the minor issues we’ve faced were solved very quickly,” he says.


As previously stated, NuPrint Technologies have been able to produce and deliver labels at higher standards than previously, with quick response and a higher turnaround. The opportunities from flexible packaging have also improved business in Northern Ireland. “Indeed – we’ve been able to take quite a few added orders from existing clients as well as gained new business from the addition of flexible packaging to our product portfolio,” Gavin Killeen adds.

As a result of the added possibilities and new business, NuPrint Technologies are now looking to the future. “The market is moving in that direction, and I can definitely see us adding more flexible packaging products in the future, like in-mould labels, lidding film, etc.”, Gavin Killeen continues, “and I foresee a very long-term relationship with Nilpeter in that sense, as the partnership to this point has been extremely rewarding. I look forward to the next step,” he concludes.

Sai Com Codes Flexoprint opens second plant
Sai Com Codes Flexoprint, headquartered in Sonepat near Delhi, opens new plant, covering an area of 15,000 sq ft. Production is expected to start by the end of November with a 13”, 10-colour Nilpeter flexo press. Labels&Labeling reports.
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Harish Gupta, Sai Com Codes Flexoprint CEO, said, “We intend to supplement the first press with a second one before the end of this financial year. Our policy is to be as close to our customers as possible and it is also our belief that to ensure continued growth, we have to add capacity and value for our customers. We have to grab the opportunity to grow with them and that is only possible when we set up our plants closer to their new ones to be able to match their just in time requirement.”

There is an option to double the plant capacity in the future. Another similar press from Nilpeter will be shipped to the new plant in January. 

The first plant in Sonepat houses four 13” Nilpeter servo presses running at an average production speed of approximately 120 m/min. The plant has the provision to add two more flexo presses in the existing space in Sonepat. “However, this shall depend on investment considerations keeping in mind our new plants,” said Gupta.

Reasoning on installing only Nilpeter presses at both its plants, Gupta commented, “We do not try to experiment with our established suppliers unless there is a compelling reason for doing the same. Once our mother plant is based on this model, it becomes easy for us to replicate the same model on a "cut and paste" basis. In terms of presses, we are a Nilpeter house and the same press is going to be installed at our new plant.”

Read full story:


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