A pressure sensitive label can be much more than just a label with information printed on one side. For many years, innovative solutions for adding information to the plain pressure sensitive label have been developed.

The demand for solutions with multiple layers of added information has increased massively over the last 10 years. This growth has been driven by heavy competition, media, and marketing, legislation, and of course innovation within the global label printing industry.
The need for added information on a label comes from various segments. To mention some of the important drivers, promotional labels, pharmaceutical and petro-chemical labels, security labels, labels containing gaming solutions, and labels constructed inline with special innovative solutions for the personal care market, may be emphasised.

Labels with multiple layers of information are primarily made in five ways:

The label construction is based on multiple web infeeds with inline multiple-sided printing. The construction is based on inline printing and lamination of the various webs.

Cross-over solution
A classic cross-over solution where a basic pressure sensitive material is slit and crossed-over to form an up to a 6-sided coupon.

Inline multi-web solution with folding towers for multiple-page-booklet constructions.

Booklet insertion/application solution
Inline printing and booklet insertion/application solution with specialised booklet unit.

Various pressure sensitive solutions
Inline multi-web solutions where you construct various pressure sensitive solutions in the process by inline application of liner glue and various front materials.

Nilpeter has many years of experience in the above-mentioned and other multi-web solutions. Combining our various techniques of printing and value-added special applications, we offer both solutions based on standard equipment, and individually configured solutions based on end-user demands. Over the years, we have built-up an extensive portfolio of multi-web solutions and knowhow.

The key to our successful solutions has been the combination of innovative thinking, project management, and intensive collaboration with our customers and OEM suppliers to meet the exact customer requirements and create the optimum solution in each case.

The Nilpeter web tension control systems and advanced register systems allow us to master the challenges tied to combining materials with different characteristics while maintaining an overall constant web tension in precise register.

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