QC-Hot Foil


Quick-Change Hot Foil Cassette

Quick-Change Hot Foil Cassette for offset printing, with revolutionary induction heating technology

Built on the same principles as the Nilpeter QC-Die Unit, the new hot foil cassette features fast and easy setup of equipment and tooling. Add the revolutionary new heating technology and the possibility of applying hot foil to medium structured substrates, and you have yourself a winner.

Revolutionary technology

The hot foil cassette ensures optimum conditions for ratary hot foiling, as well as the high stability needed when applying hot foil to a structured substrate.

Last but not least, the unit utilises revolutionary induction technology for heating of the hot foil cylinder. With induction technology, heat is quickly and evenly distributed on the tool, and accurately controlled by the temperature sensor. It has none of the handling issues associated with oil-heated systems which require warm oil feed pipes to be dismantled during tool changes. The technique is quick, safe, and clean for the operator.


  • Developed for the MO-Line
  • Revolutionary induction heating technology
  • Integrated impression roller
  • Frame construction with easy loading of tooling from the operator side
  • Automatic pressure fixation of hot foil cylinder
  • Optimum stability for hot foil on structured substrates
  • Easy impression roller setting for pressure stamping


  • High functionality and ease of use
  • Fast and easy change of tooling
  • Even distribution of heat on the hot foil cylinder for optimum foiling quality
  • Easy and precise external temperature control
  • Safe and clean handling
  • Short heating-up cycle

Technical Specifications

QC-Hot Foil
Web mm (feet/inches)
Foiling width  410 mm
Web width420 mm
457,2 - 635 mm (18" - 25")
Material caliper 50 - 300 g/m2
Mechanical speed100 m/min*
*Production Speed depends on material, foil type, tooling, and temperature
Heating systemInduction
Side register
+ 3 mm (in MO-4 platform)
Length registerVia servo transmission (in MO-4 platform)
Tool typeBrass sleeve
Foil reel diameter300 mm (11 3/4“)
Temperature controlElectric heating, up to 180 degrees Celsius
Tool base plateHoneycomb
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