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Peter Eriksen, COO, Nilpeter A/S: 

Your Challenge is Our Commitment

“As a global narrow web printing press manufacturer, Nilpeter is committed to add value to our customers’ business by providing innovative solutions. We realise that the printers of today are faced with fierce competition – which is why we intensify our effort to develop solutions that optimise our customers’ current production efficiency or opens up for great opportunities in new markets.

We are committed to developing these intelligent printing solutions to provide the long-term competitive advantage and take our customers to the next level.

Our Technology Centers helped bringing our vision to life. By demonstrating innovation and emerging technologies to overcome challenging applications, we become the most attractive and strategic supplier.“

Lars Eriksen Nilpeter

Lars Eriksen, President & CEO, Nilpeter A/S: 

Nilpeter Focuses on Technology and Innovation

“The label industry is constantly evolving - yet Nilpeter has remained an important industry supplier of narrow web presses for almost 100 years. Our success rests on our ability to produce value-added technologies and innovative solutions by understanding our customers business – and their needs.

In our state-of-the-art production facilities, we manufacture presses that are intelligent. In the development and design phase, we strive to ensure that our products are intuitive and flexible. At the same time, they have to meet our customers’ needs that are driven by different dynamics in a global setting.

At the end of the day, Nilpeter delivers the highest quality and our presses are best value.”

Jakob Landberg Nilpeter

Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director, Nilpeter A/S: 

Partnerships are Paramount

“Strong partnerships are essential to Nilpeter. We act as the natural focal point for industry partners be it suppliers of inks, substrates, adhesive, films, tooling or other vital equipment. The preferred suppliers are open to dialogue with R&D, for only through such partnerships will we provide cutting-edge technology. By joining forces and combining our strengths, we obtain unbeatable technological and innovative results.”

Nilpeter is “...your printing partner” - Globally and Locally

“We are experiencing a rapid globalisation combined with a clear need for local presence. More and more global customers search for global suppliers to meet their requirements.

We have met this challenge by establishing a solid global setup rooted in knowledge of the local market. When establishing Nilpeter in a new country, we focus on preserving the local skills, experience, and know-how to establish local service and support.

With key production facilities in both Europe, Asia, and the USA, and subsidiaries, branch offices, and agents in 65 countries, Nilpeter is truly a global partner, delivering complete, customised solutions to our customers - quickly.”


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