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PANORAMA Stand-Alone


Stand-Alone Digital Press

PANORAMA is Your Complete Digital Solution, offering digital opportunities in a 360° perspective. The PANORAMA product line consists of two main products: The DP-3 Stand-Alone Digital Press and the Combined Digital Press & Converting Solution. All configured to fit customer needs – all inline, from one supplier. The global launch of PANORAMA was a major attraction at LabelExpo 2015.

The DP-3 is highly reliable, with a market leading uptime, fast and easy start-up, and high print engine stability. The smart workflow management system, EQUIOS, ensures outstanding typeface optimisation, provides automated step and repeat functions, and matches a majority of Pantone colours. The ease of use enables you to respond to any customer requests – printing the exact quantity required with no minimum, no waste, fast turnaround, and a low cost per label. In short, DP-3 is a high-quality, cost-effective solution.

Completing the circle is Nilpeter’s safe Customer Care setup – with online trouble-shooting, onsite support, preventive maintenance programme, predictive diagnostics, etc.

The DP-3 digital press is built on vast experience, great knowledge and understanding of both analogue and digital technologies, and designed to grow and adapt with future digital innovations and developments.

Easy Operation

The DP-3 features a simple and highly intuitive user interface, presented on  42" colour touch screen.

High Image Quality

The outstanding expression of colour gradations enabled by the DP-3's high-resolution screening, combined with the wider colour gamut (up to 80% of Pantone colours) of the proprietary UV-inks, create an impressive depth of natural beauty, which matches HD flexo quality.

The DP-3 prints text as small as three points. The choke function also prevents thickening of outline text, providing excellent legibility.


The workflow system, EQUIOS, is included in the DP-3 unit. It provides a vast amount of features, such as high-speed processing using the latest RIP core, text choke, colour matching, colour profile editor, automated step/repeat, and smooth hybrid screens. It is straightforward and easy to use.


Press speed30 - 35 - 50 m/min.
Colours CMYK + W
 Resolution600 x 600 dpi
Grey levels 4
Web mm (feet/inches)
Unwind diameter, max.750 mm (29.5”), 120 kg
Rewind diameter 750 mm (29.5"), 120 kg
Printing mm (feet/inches)
Web width, max.350 mm (13.7”)
Printing width, max.322 mm (12.6”)
Repeat length

50.8 - 2,400 mm (2" - 94.4”)

Press speed30 - 35 - 50 - 60 m/min.
Colours CMYK + W + Optional Orange + Low Migration
 Resolution600 x 600 dpi
Grey levels 4

Video Interview

IKONPRINT took a digital leap by becoming the first Danish printer to buy and install the new Nilpeter digital UV-InkJet product line, PANORAMA. The move was a direct result of an increased number of incoming orders, and thus an urgent need to expand production capacity.

Color-Logic certifies Nilpeter's PANORAMA digital press

Mark Geeves says, "Nilpeter PANORAMA customers can provide 250 metallic colors to clients, together with unlimited decorative effects created at the design stage with no post-finishing required.  The combination of Color-Logic and Nilpeter makes our decorative special effects and metallic colors available to Nilpeter press owners around the world."

Read more about Color-Logic's decorative and reflective color communications system here.

Read full story on L&NW:


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